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“Just thought I would show a mishap that I encountered out on the trails...

I managed to roll the Landcruiser on to her side, I was saved rolling over and down further by the Shadow Awning that is fitted up to the canopy.

I did manage to bend the awning and it has a bent frame and two holes.. Other than that, all is well! I’m glad that I had the awning fitted and not one of the usual generic mainstream awnings on the market as I’m sure the vehicle would have been a write-off if this was the case.

Such an unreal product and build quality! I have also had it out on a very windy day down at the beach, where, two other vehicles had the usual mainstream awnings that required them to be tied down hard to stop them blowing away. One did end up folding over on its self and breaking, whilst I still had mine wide open even without the support leg or tie downs active. .

Thanks for such a great product!”
Graeme Guy

Greetings from Australia and Happy New Year!

Above of the photos of the first Troopy Flip top conversion done here in Australia.

I drove over to Perth from Melbourne to have this work done - 3420 km each way, give or take a couple of Kms finding my way around Perth to Alu-Cab Australia.

I couldn't be happier with my newly converted Troopy and I can't praise the Perth team enough for their effort to fit in with my tight schedule and the work they did.

The Alu-Cab flip top attracted a lot of positive comments and questions on my drive back to Melbourne and I'm sure there will be more of the same when we take it out into the bush over the coming months.

Kind Regards,
Alan McWilliams

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