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Twelve or so years ago, Jakkie Joubert immigrated from South Africa, bringing with him a love for the bush easily the rival of many Australians. He also brought with him an enquiring and very inventive mind. Five years ago, Jakkie and his father tackled the Holy Grail of Australian four wheel driving the Canning Stock Route. It was a memorable trip for both of them, but Jakkie could see that, for someone like his dad, who was 67 years old at the time, travelling in remeote outback areas could be quite a challenging proposition. Seting up camp at the end of a long day's drive can be quiet a process, and packing up the next day can be just as difficult and inevitably takes longer. Jakkie decided there had to be a better option so he got his pencil out, and after two years of intensive reasearch and development the Quick Pitch Camper was born.

We've Been There!

We're off-road, 4x4 travelers just like you and we know what it is like to hear the open road calling your name.
We've made the trips before and we did it the hard way. Until now.

We spent years exploring this amazing country from the reddest deserts to the deepest forests.
Every road we travelled taught us something about what the ideal camper should feature and how we could make it better for explorers just like you..

Perth outdoor enthusiast and innovative developer Jakkie Joubert, is the heart behind Quick Pitch Campers.
He believes that camping is all about family, friends, fun and enjoying the great outback. After a Canning Stock Route trip with his 67-year old dad he realised that pitching and packing up camp daily was troublesome at his dad’s age and wasted too much time.

He started out designing the uteback camper with Baby Boomer’s capabilities in mind but realised how much of a difference it made in his own family’s 4x4 camping experience.

Women love the inside toilet especially in rainy weather or at night and the fully equipped drawer fold-out kitchen proved to be another winner.

Men love the fact that it pitches completely in 50 seconds flat without any physical effort and packing up is also under a minute. It also doesn’t require any towing or modifications to your existing ute. And after a long day, the luxury of having a hot shower with your variable hot water valve and built-in folding curtain rail with shower curtain and built-in showerhead is priceless.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience Australia in comfort.
From our base model right through to our luxury ‘yes-to-everything’ design, we can customise a camper for you to perfectly suit your needs and lifestyle.

Let’s make it happen! We have the perfect camper for your dream escape. Contact us today on 1300 136 964 for your 4x4 or uteback camper.

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